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Make An Altar For Santa Muerte

by on Jul.07, 2011, under Spells

The cult of Santa Muerte – and the powers it brings – is independent of any myth or religious belief. It is a reality that no one can doubt.

The cult and rituals of St. Death have no clear origin. Some say that it has roots in Cuba, a more obscure deity from Santeria, specificially Santeria’s sorcerers and black magicians. Others say in Veracruz, beginning in the 19th century, a Shaman who was visited by La Santa Muerte in his sleep asked him to spread Her word in Mexico. Before the conquest of the Americas, the worship and veneration of Death was paramount among the Aztecs, Maya and Inca. Despite the evagelicalization carried outa mong the people inhabiting the Great Tenochtitlan, rituals and beliefs regarding Death personified still persist today. Every first and second of November, Mexicans celebrate Death and the Dead.

The degree of Saint, or Holy, was given over all the years by the Creator Himself, as a white being used to approach the Creator, an intermediary in charge of leading those of this world into another. For this reason, Santa Muerte is often refered to as the White Lady or White Girl. The color indicates that she is good and generous with the faithful, but also a punishment to those who toy with her.

Death and the Holy Altar

Santa Muerte is usually represented by a human skeleton or a human skull. But equally representativeare symbols of sexuality, such as the scythe, or the balance of the scales of justice. People who want to make an altar to the Blessed Death should be fully convinced, with skills sufficient to express faith, because only then will she manifest her presence when called to help. Otherwise, it may only make things worse.

Santa Muerte is not bad, nor is she related to extraneous forces that will harm you. But she is powerful and she does not like to be toyed with.

That being said, if you want to set up an altar here are the steps:

The first step is the most important. You must have faith in Santa Muerte and the altar you create. If you have faith this gives it power. It takes away limits and restrictions. It makes your veneration potent. If you have a strong degree of faith you will find success in all that Santa Muerte brings you.

Secondly, it is important to choose an image or icon of Santa Muerte that tells you something when you see it. It must be powerful and give you a strong feeling when you see it. It must provide evidence that it is calling you to the altar…


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